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Xena and Hercules


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The Fifth Week

These pictures were taken between the dates of May 26, 2004 - June  2, 2004.



This is Sweet Pea.  She will be living in
 Oklahoma and living on 10 acres. 
Her job will be guarding goats.  So far
she only has to guard two goats for the
 time being that live in the acreage.


This is Noah.  He will be going to Georgia next week and on to obedience training.  From there, he will learn how to understand sign language and work with the deaf.  Let's all give him great big thumbs up!!  To see future pictures, please go to:



This is Princess Maggie.  She will be living with us in Oklahoma City and she will train for therapy.  She will visit hospitals and nursing homes.  Her basic obedience training will begin at 10 weeks.  You can see later pictures of Maggie at



This is Miss Canada.  She will be leaving at 8 weeks to go to her new home in Ontario.  Her duties will be lap dog and spoiled rotten, possibly bred to the male who currently lives there.  There will be more pictures of her in the future at


Here are the twins.  These two boys are going to Atlanta Georgia.  Ones of these boys may possibly be going into show.  We will see future pictures of him and all his glory.  The other one is going to a woman for companionship who also is the proud mother of a beautiful female min pin.  Check back to see them grow up!


This is Prince Dominick.  He will be going to Westville Oklahoma in a couple of short weeks.  His job will also be lap dog and spoiled rotten with another puppy.  His fence is being put up as we speak.



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Meet Samson.  This boy will start his obedience classes at 10 weeks and go on to service training.  He is going to my mother who is paralyzed from the neck down from a car accident 10 years ago.  Future pictures of him will be at


This is Tiny.  He will start his obedience classes at 10 weeks and then go on to search and rescue training.  His new mommy is the wonderful woman who tried to save his little sisters life a few weeks ago.


This is the infamous Prince Hercules Jr.  This boy is the alpha male and weighs in right now at 7 pounds.  His job will be to go to family barbeques and to watch out for my grandma.  She is personally going to train him to help her open doors and such.  She's in a wheelchair and needs the extra pull Hercules Jr. can give her.  To see future updates on this boy, please go to

This page was created on May 26, 2004